Cinema Aventure offers you an "à la carte" privatization according to your needs and wishes for a magical and unique moment in the heart of Brussels; a product presentation, a press conference, a teambuilding, a company meeting,...

A la carte screenings

If you want to watch a film at the cinema alone, with a friend, with lots of friends, with your partner... just ask us!

DCP Creation

Do you want to show your film in a cinema but the cinema requires a particular format, a DCP? Don't panic, it's simply a "Digital Cinema Package", the digital equivalent of a bobbin.

You can contact us here:

Advertising space

In Belgium, the company Brightfish markets all the cinema screens. This would obviously be a big financial plus for a small independent cinema, but it has been a choice for Aventure since our reopening to not show (or to show very little) advertising before screenings: a big dilemma, therefore, to preserve our values and our identity without missing out on this possible source of money in a cinema, where advertising campaigns are often the most expensive and the most profitable. The solution to not betray us is to contact young entrepreneurs, and to advertise locally, responsibly, to put forward things we believe in, people who are like us. Do you also want to introduce yourself to the audience of cinema Aventure? It's here:

Offering Tickets

If you want to offer cinema tickets to your partner, a friend or your employees... It's here: