Brussels Porn Film Festival

Established with the purpose of reducing the stigma around pornography and acknowledging its significant role in the history of cinema, the Brussels Porn Film Festival stands as Belgium’s first festival dedicated to alternative pornography. As the most widely consumed and produced audiovisual genre in the world, pornography exists simultaneously in plain view and concealed behind closed doors, avoiding public debate outside of moralistic standards. A rich countercultural phenomenon, contemporary porn embraces new forms of expression, serving as a potent political and creative tool for marginalized groups. Feminists, LGBTQIA+, sex workers, and other minorities choose to direct their cameras toward their own bodies, creating a presence typically overlooked by mainstream media.

The festival presents a diverse range of sexually explicit artworks, offering a comprehensive program that includes a national and international short film competition, a special focus on feature films, as well as professional encounters, panel discussions, performative arts, workshops, and parties. With diversity in mind, the festival aims to facilitate connections between different poles within the industry: the mainstream and the underground, the artistic and the political, DIY and big-budget productions... The objective is not to gentrify the genre but to promote ethical development by fostering professional connections, injecting new images into pornography’s imaginary, destigmatizing sex work, and cultivating an audience eager for innovative onscreen sexual representations.

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To allow for broader access to the festival, we have implemented a "Pay what you can"
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