Dirty Thoughts

From penis pump to fuck machine, Chris presents his playroom.

P.D.V Iris Kaufman / AR / 2022 / 6min / DCP / NO DIAL / Belgian Premiere
Velva can't fall asleep and looks for a webcammer to accompany her in her insomnia. In the darkness of her room she finds a live, almost unclothed woman lying down and touching herself on the screen. After coming together with her, Velva finally manages to fall asleep.

JAKOL OR (POST-NUT CLARITY IN "D" MAJOR) Doydoy Megriño / PH / 2022 / 4min / DCP / NO DIAL / International Premiere

A man masturbates to a memory.

SPROUT Florian Maubach / DE / 2024 / 4min / DCP / NO DIAL / International Premiere

Emerging excitement, a dancing body, and the sensual awakening of sexuality turn this experimental animation film by Florian Maubach into the nucleus of a transformation process. SPROUT is a stimulating short film that pushes boundaries but doesn't solely focus on the pleasure event. It's a metaphorically charged short film that allows an important look behind the curtain of male sexuality and relationships.

CANE Bendix Mignon / DE / 2024 / 5min / DCP / OV EN, DE ST FR / Belgian Premiere

“cane” is a celebration of queer crip sex. It’s part of an ongoing (and very practical) research into crip porn, into what it means to fuck with disability and normalcy. “cane” is an intimate red-hot crip-sexy hip-grinding rhythmic conversation of a person and their aid.

PHĪNN-PHANG Chen Yu-Ling , Huang Jing-En / TW / 2023 / 2min / DCP / NO DIAL / Belgian Premiere
A man did obscene things to a bunch of shoes in a gay sauna.

NARCISSUS/NARCISO Hedonistas / AR / 2022 / 5min / DCP / OV SP ST FR / Belgian Premiere

Levon looks after a friend's apartment for a few days while she is away. In the house he finds a lingerie hanging and is tempted to try it on.

THIBAUT Georgia Azoulay / FR / 2023 / 16min / DCP / OV FR ST EN / World Premiere
21th June 2023. Thibaut masturbates in the French Calanques.

REAL MAN Rafael Rudolf / BR / 2023 / 18min / DCP / OV PT ST FR, EN / Belgian Premiere

The self-fiction documentary was made with archival footage of Rafael as a child and as a teenager, as well as footage of the adult artist, produced especially for the project. The different times converge in unsuspected ways. The film addresses topics such as the construction of memory and masculinity, the expression of eroticism, as well as the structural homophobia and male chauvinism.