All of us strangers

Sophisticated ghost stories, they do exist. Following A Ghost Story, melancholic souls can get what their hearts desire with All of Us Strangers. British filmmaker Andrew Haigh knows how to simultaneously surprise and captivate with this restrained but sometimes steamy romance between actors Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal.

In All of Us Strangers British director Andrew Haigh returns to the romantic drama genre, reminiscent of his critically acclaimed breakthrough film Weekend (FFG2011) and the award-winning follow-up 45 Years (FFG2015). However, this time, he explores it through a modern ghost story based on the Japanese cult novel Strangers by Taichi Yamada. There's no ghost, but a neighbor who knocks on the door of Adam's London apartment, a lonely screenwriter who, in Haigh's adaptation, is a gay man. What follows from that encounter leads Adam back to his childhood home (in reality, Haigh's own home), where the past awaits him. In the search for an authentic connection, love and loss take on different forms, and even in the supernatural, All of Us Strangers remains fundamentally human. Irish heartthrobs Andrew Scott and Paul Aftersun Mescal each prove why they deserve their passionate fan base.

Andrew Haigh
Andrew Scott, Paul Mescal