Tandem Local

A young volunteer team is embarking on a cyclo-journey to the four corners of Belgium.
For more than two months, the team meets the women and men who, to free themselves from the dominant food-business model, have chosen to invest in a local production method that is more in line with their values. A way of reconnecting with the land, but a choice that also has its share of difficulties.
In a society governed by globalization, a source of growing insecurity and destruction of biodiversity, the relocation of our food system would be a key issue. Along the North Sea, along the Sambre and the Meuse or again through the Ardennes valleys, Tandem Local takes us on a real human epic and delivers us poignant testimonies that incite and invite each of us to take part in the food revolution on the move.

François Legrand, Marc-Antoine Boyer et Ludovic Bollette