The Femme Queen Chronicles / Kelet

Séance en collaboration avec Rainbow Nation Brussels.

Projection en exclusivité du premier épisode de la web série de Ahya SImone The Femme Queen Chronicles qui explore la vie de 4 femmes transgenres. En présence de la réalisatrice

Projection du film Kelet, en présence de Kelet

- Femme Queen Chronicles: An award-winning comedic webseries about the lives of four black trans women as they navigate through love, life, trade, and ki-king in the city of Detroit -- written, directed, and brought to life by black trans women themselves. The pilot of FQC has screened at more than a dozen film festivals across the world to critical acclaim, and the team of FQC is currently developing the rest of its first season following the success of its pilot episode.

- Kelet: Kelet is a young transgender Somali woman who dreams of becoming a model and appearing in Vogue. Leaving her family in Manchester to return to her childhood home in Finland, she relies on the support of her friends in her community to immerse herself in the glamour of Helsinki. Watch as this shy and courageous young woman builds a new life, faces her fears and her past, and successfully pursues her dreams.

Ahya Simone, Kelet