Short films screening 2: Contemporary tales: History, archive and memory: an exploration of Iran through different lenses

Sanaz Sohrabi - One image, Two Acts – 2020, 44’

Starting from the image archives of British Petroleum (BP), One Image, Two Acts unravels the role of photography and film as instruments of power, linking it to the emergence of a thriving anti-colonial cinema.


Pegah Ahangarani - I Am Trying to Remember – 2021, 16’

Drawing on photos, videos and vivid memories from her childhood, Pegah Ahangarani evokes fragmented memories of a beloved family friend and of the Iranian revolution.

Maryam Tafakory - Irani Bag – 2020, 8’

Irani Bag is a tranquil, moving manual on 'how to touch someone without touch', based on scenes from contemporary Iranian cinema that depict intimacy.


Vida Dena - Ayan and the white balloon 2015, 26’

The filmmaker ('the white balloon') returns from Europe to her homeland Iran and hopes to make a film there with old friends. Her friend Ayan questions her motives. Which Iran does she want to show and to whom?