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    9808 : An Anthology of 10th Year Indonesian Reform (Bakulkultur)


    Réalisateur/Regie : Prima Rusdi
    Acteurs/Cast : Nadia, Hengky Hidayat, Ladya Cherryl
    Pays/Land : Indonésie
    Genre : Documentaire, Drame
    Année/Jaar : 2008
    VO - 2:30 - EA - DIG

    FR :


    A group of different film makers (documentaries, feature films, short films), musicians and other artists unite to commemorate 10 years after reformation (1998 - 2008) by making a collection of short films set during the May 1998 incident. The project is aimed at starting dialogues, especially with students, and the public, to remember history and the idealism of that time. The anthology comprises 10 short films from different genres, independently made by different crews. The film was then screened to many groups and communities with post-screening discussions. This anthology was also selected by many international film festivals. (

    Behind a beautiful initiative one occasionally finds important people who remain invisible. In this case that is Prima Rusdi, an experienced scriptwriter, who encouraged ten young film makers to stand still and look back on the important month of May in 1998, when Indonesia acquired a new and open face.

    In May 1998 something happened in Indonesia that no one had thought possible. After persistent demonstrations, primarily by students, the repressive era of President Suharto came to an end. Many film makers from the present generation were closely involved in this revolution at the time. In this omnibus film, ten film makers look back on events. (