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    Blind Pig Who Wants To Fly (Bakulkultur)


    Réalisateur/Regie : Edwin
    Acteurs/Cast : Ladya CHERYL, Pong HARJATMO, Andhara EARLY, Joko ANWAR, Carlo GENTA
    Année/Jaar : 2008
    01:17 - EA - DIG

    FR :


    Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly tackles the issue of discrimination against one particular ethnic minority of Indonesia - the Chinese descent. Edwin heightens the satire and criticism by symbolizing image and sound (with music).

    Linda, who has an idiosyncratic habit of eating firecrackers with her sandwich, her boyfriend Cahyono, her father who is a dentist, and the gay couple Helmi and Yahya all represent Indonesian society.

    Linda and Cahyono are treated with contempt and are even physically abused because they are of Chinese descent. Linda’s firecracker sandwich became her childhood protection.

    However, the firecracker is both a means of self-consolation and self-injury. It also represents the situation of the Chinese that are residing in Indonesia. The film is full of symbolism.The pig that is tied up, the music of Stevie Wonder, the Christian program on TV, and the abuse toward the gay couple are metaphors of the issues of religion, race, authority and discrimination. (KIM Ji-Seok, Busan International Film Festival 2008)



    Edwin is a household name in the Indonesian experimental and short film circuit. His works, showcased in Cannes and other top festivals, are at times idiosyncratic to the point of visionary and at other times just darn weird.