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    Pesantren (ciné-club Bakulkultur)


    Réalisateur/Regie : Nurman Hakim
    Acteurs/Cast : Nicholas Saputra, Yoga Pratama, Yoga Bagus, D. Sastrowardoyo
    Pays/Land : Indonésie
    Genre : Drame
    Année/Jaar : 2008
    01:54 - EA - DIG

    FR :


    In a small village in Indonesia, three teenage friends, Huda, Rian and Syahid all attend a pesantren, a religious school. Huda is a zealous pupil of Kyai Wahab, a religious leader who preaches tolerance and peace. Huda longs to be reunited with his long-lost mother. Rian is a keen amateur filmmaker, who’s plotting to run away and join a travelling film screening company. Syahid comes from a poor farming family and is desperate for money to fund an urgent liver transplant for his father. Joining an extremist religious group, Syahid quickly finds himself facing an agonising moral dilemma. For these three friends, life changes irrevocably following September 11 2001, when they are arrested and jailed on suspicion of belonging to terror organisations. (Triximages Film)


    Seventeen-year-old boys Huda, Rian and Syahid are students of a pesantren (Islamic religious school). With their graduation a month ahead, they grow up and solve their lifetime problems. Huda locates his mother who abandoned him only to face her death. Rian, whose mother is about to remarry, hopes to take over his father’s video studio. Syahid sells the family land, their only property, to pay for his father's liver transplant operations and volunteers in a suicide squad. Out of nowhere, 9/11 brings extreme changes to these suffering boys. Pesantren delicately shows individual growth in Islamic families, religion, and national duty. Their quiet but active attitudes widen the small dormitory, prayer rooms and warehouses surrounding them. (LEE Seung Min - Busan Intrenational Film Festival 2008)



    Nurman Hakim graduated from the Jakarta Institute of the Arts. His short films have played at festivals all over the world. His debut film [Pesantren: 3 Wishes 3 Loves], received grants from the Global Film Initiative, Cinema Fonds Sud and the Goteborg Film Fund.